Typesetting, copy editing, writing and proofreading are the core business functions of the little wallaby, and when you choose him to prepare your next publication you can be confident in the knowledge that you are gaining the benefit of years of experience in printing and publishing.

From business cards to brochures, newsletters to self-published novels, invoices to letterheads—you can rely on the little wallaby to deliver the goods.

How often have you seen an eye-catching website, a glossy brochure or a self-published book spoiled by poor presentation, sloppy writing and just plain lousy spelling?

At a very reasonable cost, the little wallaby can tidy up the writing, check the spelling or format your novel to a professional level.

And because the little wallaby grew up in the printing trade, he talks the same language as the men and women who produce the end product, reducing the chance of screw-ups.

The little wallaby will work for you.

You’re spending money to promote your business—make sure it gets out there right, presenting your best face to the world

Launching a killer website? The little wallaby will check the text for spelling mistakes and poor English before it’s uploaded to the host site, saving you money and protecting your company’s image

Self-publishing a family history or the next blockbuster novel? the little wallaby will edit your manuscript, design the book and prepare press-ready files

Need a flyer or brochure that reflects well on your business? the little wallaby can help

Want help with your organization’s magazine or newsletter? Ask the little wallaby

A different public speaker for your next function? the little wallaby is a practiced raconteur who can entertain and inform on many subjects pertaining to Australia—something different to entertain your members


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